Fee Schedule2018.07.01FY19 Adopted Fee Schedule
Financial Statement2018.04.30Monthly Financial Statement as of April 30, 2018
Fee Schedule2018.04.11FY19 Proposed Fee Schedule
Monthly Report2018.03.31March 2018 Purchase Order Report
Financial Statement2018.03.31Monthly Financial Statement as of March 31, 2018
Budget2018.03.28FY19 Proposed Budget Summary
Budget2018.03.28FY19 Proposed Budget
Monthly Report2018.02.28February 2018 Purchase Order Report
Financial Statement2018.02.28Monthly Financial Statement as of February 28, 2018
Monthly Report2018.01.31January 2018 Purchase Order Report
Financial Statement2018.01.31Monthly Financial Statement as of January 31, 2018
Tax Cap2018.01.26FY19 Tax Cap Calculation
Financial Statement2017.12.31Monthly Financial Statement as of December 31, 2017
Monthly Report2017.12.31December 2017 Purchase Order Report
Financial Statement2017.11.30Monthly Financial Statement as of November 30, 2017
Monthly Report2017.11.30November 2017 Purchase Order Report
Financial Statement2017.10.31Monthly Financial Statement as of October 31, 2017
Monthly Report2017.10.31October 2017 Purchase Order Report
CIP2017.10.18FY19-FY24 CIP Proposed
Financial Statement2017.09.30Monthly Financial Statement as of September 30, 2017
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