Financial Policies1996.10.01Financial Policy Reports
Independent Auditors Report2000.06.30FY2000 Audit
Financial Statement2000.06.30FY00 Audited Year-end Financial Statement
Capital Improvements Program2000.07.01FY2001-FY2006 CIP
Independent Auditors Report2001.06.30FY2001 Audit
Capital Improvements Program2001.07.01FY2002-FY2007 CIP
Fee Schedule2002.06.30FY03 Adopted Fee Schedule
Independent Auditors Report2002.06.30FY2002 Audit
Capital Improvements Program2002.07.01FY2003-FY2008 CIP
Debt and Credit Rating2002.12.10Standard and Poors Bond Rating Definitions
Fee Schedule2003.06.30FY04 Adopted Fee Schedule
Independent Auditors Report2003.06.30FY2003 Audit
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report2003.06.30FY2003 CAFR
Certified Tax Rate2003.07.01FY2014 Certified Tax Rate
Annual Budget2003.07.01FY2004 Budget
Capital Improvements Program2003.07.01FY2004-FY2009 CIP
Debt and Credit Rating2003.10.28Moodys Investors Service Bond Rating Definitions
Fee Schedule2004.06.30FY05 Adopted Fee Schedule
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report2004.06.30FY2004 CAFR
Annual Budget2004.07.01FY2005 Budget
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