2017BidB17014Snow Plowing/Hauling Services for City Streets and Parking LotsCommunity Services 
2005quotationQ05-015Portable Flow Meter  
2005quotationQ05-013Charter Commision Legal Servicesexecutive 
2005quotationQ05-008Well Sampling Program  
2005quotationQ05-006Overhead Doors for Ice Arena  
2005quotationQ05-003Community Notes Brochure Printing  
2005bidB05-034Front End Loader with Snow Plow Equipment  
2005bidB05-033Dump Body, Snow Plow / Frame and Related Equipment  
2005bidB05-032Digital Correlating Logging System  
2005proposalB05-031Bridge Design Services  
2005bidB05-030Renovations and Upgrades to Charles Street Pump Station  
2005bidB05-029Excess Worker's Compensation and Employer's Liability Insurance Coverage  
2005proposalB05-028Brine Manufacturing, Distribution and Storage System  
2005bidB05-027Roof Drain Replacement  
2005bidB05-026Exercise Fitness Equipment  
2005proposalB05-025Worker's Compensatin Claims and Administrative Services  
2005bidB05-024Butterfield Gym - New Entrance  
2005bidB05-023McConnell Center Exterior Restoration  
2005proposalB05-022Ambulance Billing / Collection Services  
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