R2018.11.14-150passedAuthorization to Terminate and Resolve Dover Children’s Center Lease and Debt Karen Weston2018.11.14
R-2019.03.13-032 Award of Construction of Water Well at Shaw’s Lane Athletic Fields and Appropriation of Recreational Field Construction Fund Revenue. Groundwater Exploration and Development Program C/O 3 Karen Weston 
R-2019.03.13-031 Operation of Keno Games in Dover Karen Weston 
R-2019.03.13-030passedAuthorization to Commit Funds to Continue Retention of Attorney John Hall Karen Weston2019.03.13
R-2019.02.27-029passedCDBG Acceptance of Action Plan and Entitlement FundsKaren Weston2019.03.13
R-2019.02.27-028passedAcceptance of Term Sheet between the City of Dover through the Dover Housing Authority and CPI Management, LLCKaren Weston2019.03.13
R-2019.02.27-027passedCity’s Opposition to Development of Welcome Center in Area of Exit 6 of Spaulding Turnpike City Council2019.02.27
R-2019.02.27-026passedApproval of Land Exchange and Lot Line Adjustment Agreement between City and Candia South Branch Brook Holdings, LLC Karen Weston2019.02.27
R-2019.02.27-025passedCocheco Waterfront Development Wetlands Permit Application Karen Weston2019.02.27
R-2019.02.27-024passedAuthorization To Seek Lot Line Adjustment Between City-Owned Parcels on River Street And Washington StreetKaren Weston2019.02.27
R-2019.02.27-023passedApproval of NH Indonesian Community Support Lease AgreementKaren Weston2019.02.27
R-2019.02.27-022passedCity Wide 2019-2020 Groundwater Monitoring Program with Emery & Garrett Groundwater Investigations LLCKaren Weston2019.02.27
R-2019.02.27-021passedApproval of Public Art Installation at the Dover Indoor Pool BuildingDennis Shanahan2019.02.27
R-2019.02.27-020passedB18056 Award of Bid Traffic Control/Flagging Services Year TwoKaren Weston2019.02.27
R-2019.02.27-019passedB15060 Additional Design Services for Waterfront Development Phase III Flex FundKaren Weston2019.02.27
R-2019.02.13-018passedEstablishment of FY 2019 Expectations by Mayor And City Council for City Manager Karen Weston2019.02.13
R-2019.02.13-017passedWaterfront TIF Advisory Board Operating Rules Karen Weston2019.02.13
R-2019.02.13-016passedApproval of Public Art Installation in City HallKaren Weston, Dennis Shanahan, and Matthew Keane2019.02.13
R-2019.02.13-015passedApproval of Winter Road Maintenance Agreement between City of Dover and Varney Brook Lands, LLC Karen Weston2019.02.13
R-2019.02.13-014passedB19037 Bouchard Well Cleaning and Pump Repairs Karen Weston2019.02.13
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