R2018.11.14-150passedAuthorization to Terminate and Resolve Dover Children’s Center Lease and Debt Karen Weston2018.11.14
R-2020.09.09-146passed2021-2022 New Hampshire Municipal Association Legislative Policy Conference Robert Carrier2020.09.09
R-2020.09.09-145passedApproval of Easement – 21 Nute Road (Map L, Lot 11) Robert Carrier2020.09.09
R-2020.09.09-144passedAward of Maintenance Agreement to Southworth-Milton, Inc. for Caterpillar Generators Robert Carrier2020.09.09
R-2020.09.09-143passedB20044 Trust Fund Investment Advisory Services Robert Carrier2020.09.09
R-2020.08.26-142passedB21001 Rock Salt & Solar Salt Cooperative Purchase Robert Carrier2020.08.26
R-2020.08.26-141passedDeclaring the Second Monday in October as Indigenous People’s Day in the City of Dover Robert Carrier2020.08.26
R-2020.08.26-140passedApproval of First Amendment to Lease Agreement between City of Dover and Breakin Chains Disc Golf Supplies, LLC dated May 28, 2019 Robert Carrier2020.08.26
R-2020.08.26-139passedApproval of Tree Cutting on Old Garrison RoadRobert Carrier2020.09.23
R-2020.08.26-138passedReaffirmation and Reauthorization of Building Permit for 2 Lancaster Street Robert Carrier2020.08.26
R-2020.08.26-137passedEGGI Additional Scope of Work – Sustainable Yield Assessment of the Hughes Production Well Robert Carrier2020.08.26
R-2020.08.26-136passedVehicle Replacement Parts and Supplies - State of NH Contract with Fisher Auto Parts & Sanel NAPA Robert Carrier2020.08.26
R-2020.08.26-135passedData Management Inc. – TimeClock Plus Application Robert Carrier2020.08.26
R-2020.08.26-134passedB21007 Broadway Soil Loading, Transportation and DisposalRobert Carrier2020.08.26
R-2020.08.26-133passedB20063 Professional Consulting Services for Community Facilities and Utilities Chapter of Master Plan - Resilience Planning & Design LLC Robert Carrier2020.08.26
R-2020.08.26-132passedB19088 Household Hazardous Waste Collections – Contract Extension to MXI Environmental Services, LLC Robert Carrier2020.08.26
R-2020.08.12-131passedB19065 (AKA B20061) Dover Community Trail Phase III Robert Carrier2020.08.12
R-2020.08.12-130passedFormation of Ad Hoc Committee to Study Stormwater and Flood Resilience Funding Robert Carrier2020.08.12
R-2020.08.12-129passedEnsuring Public Awareness About the Importance of Wearing Face Coverings and Requesting All Those Able to Wear Face Coverings in PublicRobert Carrier2020.08.12
R-2020.08.12-128passedApproval of Acceptance of Donation by the Dover Rotary Club Robert Carrier2020.08.12
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