R2014-06.11-057passedEmergency Repairs to Arena Dehumidification Unit with Davis Mechanical Services, Inc Karen Weston2014.06.11
R-2017.04.26-047 Reprogram Appropriations for Oak St Railroad Bridge and award B16073 Change Order #3 Central Ave Bridge Repairs Karen Weston 
R-2017.04.26-046withdrawnEnvironmental Consulting Services Karen Weston 
R-2017.04.26-045passedB17048 Sidewalk Improvements Karen Weston2017.04.26
R-2017.04.26-044passedB17045 Award of Bid Water Drain Supplies Karen Weston2017.04.26
R-2017.04.26-043passedB17044 Award of Bid Sewer Drain Supplies  Karen Weston2017.04.26
R-2017.04.17-039passedEzra Green’s Farm Homeowners’ Association Trail Easement Karen Weston2017.04.12
R-2017.04.12-042 Reprogram Unexpended CIP Appropriations and Award of B17037 Birchwood and Keating Reconstruction Project Karen Weston 
R-2017.04.12-041passedCollective Bargaining Agreement – Dover Educational Office Personnel (DEOP) Karen Weston2017.04.12
R-2017.04.12-040passedAcceptance of Sidewalk Easement. White Mountain Subway, LLC Karen Weston2017.04.12
R-2017.04.12-038passedPurchase of Diving Boards Karen Weston2017.04.12
R-2017.04.12-037passedDover Pudding Hill Aquifer with Emery & Garrett Groundwater Investigations LLC & Underwood Engineers Karen Weston2017.04.12
R-2017.04.12-036passedB17038 Hot Bituminous Paving –Asphalt Laid in Place Karen Weston2017.04.12
R-2017.04.12-035passedB16013B Design Build of Customer Service Center Karen Weston2017.04.12
R-2017.04.12-034passedB15065 Construction Oversight Services for Keating & Birchwood Reconstruction Project Karen Weston2017.04.12
R-2017.04.12-033passedB11001 WWTP Design Phase Additional Scope of Work Wright-Pierce Change Order #3 Karen Weston2017.04.12
R-2017.03.22-032 Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Appropriations, Fees and Capital Improvements Program  Karen Weston 
R-2017.03.22-031 Dissolution of the School Alternative Education Fund into the General Fund Karen Weston 
R-2017.03.22-030passedAppropriation for FY2018 Pointe Place Infrastructure Improvements and Authorization for BondingKaren Weston2017.04.26
R-2017.03.22-029passedEstablishment of School Instructional Equipment Capital Reserve FundKaren Weston2017.04.12
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