R=2017.12.13-173passedB18011 Paddlesport Dock @ Cochecho River Karen Weston2017.12.13
R-2018.01.10-003 Reprograming Unexpended Bonding Authorization for WWTP Sludge Dewatering project to WWTP Building Improvements project Karen Weston 
R-2018.01.10-002 Award of Construction of Water Well at Shaw’s Lane Athletic Fields and Appropriation of Recreational Field Construction Fund Revenue. Groundwater Exploration and Development Program C/O 1 & 2 Karen Weston 
R-2018.01.10-001passedPhase II Infiltration and Inflow Study - Award of Additional Scope of Services to Wright Pierce C/O 1 Karen Weston2018.01.10
R-2017.12.13-183 Dover School District LED Lighting Upgrade and Authorization for Financing Karen Weston 
R-2017.12.13-182passedApproval of Memorandum of Agreement Regarding Parking Rights between 104 Wash Street, LLC and City of Dover Karen Weston2017.12.13
R-2017.12.13-181withdrawnApproval of License Agreement between City of Dover and 104 Wash Street, LLC Karen Weston 
R-2017.12.13-180passedDisposal of Tax Deeded Real Estate @ 179 Locust Street Karen Weston2017.12.13
R-2017.12.13-179passedApproval of Multi-Session Ice Rental Agreement Between Dover Youth Hockey and City of Dover Karen Weston2017.12.13
R-2017.12.13-178passedApproval of Use Agreement Between Berwick Academy and City of Dover Karen Weston2017.12.13
R-2017.12.13-177passedAcceptance of Donation and Approval of Memorandum of Understanding between Great Bay Rowing and City of Dover Karen Weston2017.12.13
R-2017.12.13-176passedDover Pudding Hill Aquifer Change Order #3 - Emery & Garrett Groundwater Investigations LLC Karen Weston2017.12.13
R-2017.12.13-175passedPurchase of 2018 Model Year Vehicles - State of NH Bid Karen Weston2017.12.13
R-2017.12.13-174passedB18015 Design Services for Varney Brook Pump Station Karen Weston2017.12.13
R-2017.12.13-172passedB17003 Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Equipment Maintenance / Repair Service Automation Controls Upgrades Karen Weston2017.12.13
R-2017.11.08-171passedHonoring Raymond and Jacqueline Guillemette Karen Weston2017.11.08
R-2017.11.08-170passedAmendment of FY 2018 Schedule of Fees Chapter 152 Sidewalks and HighwaysKaren Weston2017.12.13
R-2017.11.08-169passedResolution to Support EPA Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund Grant Application of the Strafford Economic Development Corporation Karen Weston2017.11.08
R-2017.11.08-168passedNew City Council Orientation Karen Weston2017.11.08
R-2017.11.08-167passedApproval of Land Exchange and Lot Line Adjustment Agreement between City and Lauren & Daniel Fontaine Karen Weston2017.11.08
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