R2018.11.14-150passedAuthorization to Terminate and Resolve Dover Children’s Center Lease and Debt Karen Weston2018.11.14
R-2019.10.09-165passedRestoration of Merged Lots (5 S. Watson Lane) Karen Weston2019.10.09
R-2019.10.09-164passedSetting Voting Hours for the November 5, 2019 Municipal Election Karen Weston2019.10.09
R-2019.10.09-163passedPump Station Cleaning Services Karen Weston2019.10.09
R-2019.09.25-162passedApprove Barbadoes Pond Lease Extension/Renewal Karen Weston2019.09.25
R-2019.09.11-161passedPurchase of Muffin Monster from JWC Environmental – Sole Source Product Karen Weston2019.09.11
R-2019.09.11-160passedReprogram Unexpended Bond Proceeds from VariousKaren Weston2019.10.09
R-2019.09.11-159passedReal Estate Tax Exemption for Residential Solar System Installations Dennis Shanahan2019.09.11
R-2019.09.11-158passedEstablishment of Trust Fund for Henry Law Park Karen Weston2019.09.11
R-2019.09.11-157passedApproval of Cocheco Falls Associates Lease Amendment Karen Weston2019.09.11
R-2019.09.11-156passedApproval of Utility Easement – 25 Tanglewod Drive Karen Weston2019.09.11
R-2019.09.11-155passedPurchase and Acceptance of Highway Easement for Corner of Sixth Street and Venture DriveKaren Weston2019.09.11
R-2019.09.11-154passedApproval of Acceptance of Donation by Northeast Color for Work and Supplies for Improving the Community Trail Karen Weston2019.09.11
R-2019.09.11-153passedProperty & Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance Contribution Assurance Program (CAP) Karen Weston2019.09.11
R-2019.09.11-152passedApproval of First Amendment Municipal Sidewalk Agreement Between City of Dover & NHDOT Karen Weston2019.09.11
R-2019.09.11-151passedAdditional Scope of Work from Severino Trucking in Conjunction with Spaulding Turnpike Utility Agreement with NH Department of Transportation Karen Weston2019.09.11
R-2019.09.11-150passedAuthorization for Sale of 2009 Ford Ambulance Karen Weston2019.09.11
R-2019.09.11-149passedPurchase of Karl Storz C-MAC Video Laryngoscope Airway Product - Sole Source Purchase Karen Weston2019.09.11
R-2019.09.11-148passedB20007 Transportation Center Roof Replacement Karen Weston2019.09.11
R-2019.09.11-147passedB20003 Spur Road ReconstructionKaren Weston2019.09.11
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