R-2017.10.11-138tabledCommitment to Integrated Pest Management PracticesTabled to date uncertainJason Gagnon and Dennis Shanahan
R-2017.10.11-137passedRepeal and Replace Dover’s 400th Anniversary Committee Karen Weston and Robert Carrier2017.10.11
R-2017.10.11-136passedReaffirming the City of Dover’s Commitment to Immigration and Cultural DiversityEntire Council2017.10.11
R-2017.10.11-135Regarding the Public Necessity to Condemn Certain Property off Broadway for Drainage ImprovementsReferred to public hearing on October 25, 2017Karen Weston
R-2017.10.11-134passedPerambulation of a Portion of Municipal Boundary Between Dover and Rollinsford Karen Weston2017.10.11
R-2017.10.11-133passedAcceptance of Donated Conservation Easement from Dorothy S. Mason Karen Weston2017.10.11
R-2017.10.11-132passedCollective Bargaining Agreement Between City of Dover and DPA Karen Weston2017.10.11
R-2017.10.11-131passedCongestion Mitigation and Air Quality Program Karen Weston2017.10.11
R-2017.10.11-130passedRFP03-17 LED Street Lighting Improvements Additional Scope of Work Karen Weston2017.10.11
R-2017.09.27-129passedAmendment of FY2018 Fee Schedule to Create an Overnight Permit Option for the Orchard Street Parking GarageKaren Weston2017.10.11
R-2017.09.27-128passedPILOT Agreement with HINEC Dover LLC Karen Weston2017.09.27
R-2017.09.27-127passedDisposal of Tax Deeded Real Estate @ 179 Locust St Parcel ID 12063-000000 Karen Weston2017.09.27
R-2017.09.27-126passedCollective Bargaining Agreement Between City of Dover and DPFOA Karen Weston2017.09.27
R-2017.09.27-125passedOperating Rules for DBIDA Karen Weston2017.09.27
R-2017.09.27-124passedAuthorization to Commit Funds to the Support of the NPDES Permit Negotiations Karen Weston2017.09.27
R-2017.09.27-123passedStreet Lighting Inventory and Data Collection with VHB Inc Karen Weston2017.09.27
R-2017.09.27-121passedB17048 Sidewalk Improvements Karen Weston2017.09.27
R-2017.09.27-120passedB16013B Design Build of Customer Service Center Additional Scope of Work - Change Order #3 Karen Weston2017.09.27
R-2017.09.13-119passedAcceptance of Additional State Highway Block Grant FundsKaren Weston2017.09.27
R-2017.09.13-118passedFiscal Year 2018 Budget Amendment – Rescind Transfer to TIP Capital Reserve and Reduce Highway Block Grant Aid RevenueKaren Weston2017.09.27
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