R2014-06.11-057passedEmergency Repairs to Arena Dehumidification Unit with Davis Mechanical Services, Inc Karen Weston2014.06.11
R-2017.03.22-032 Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Appropriations, Fees and Capital Improvements Program  Karen Weston 
R-2017.03.22-031 Dissolution of the School Alternative Education Fund into the General Fund Karen Weston 
R-2017.03.22-030 Appropriation for FY2018 Pointe Place Infrastructure Improvements and Authorization for Bonding Karen Weston 
R-2017.03.22-029 Establishment of School Instructional Equipment Capital Reserve Fund Karen Weston 
R-2017.03.22-028 Declaration of Emergency Lane – Old Garrison Road from Spruce Lane to David Tuttle Lane Karen Weston 
R-2017.03.22-027 Tree Cutting on Scenic Road. Rochester Neck Road Karen Weston 
R-2017.03.22-026 Henry Law Avenue Recreation Parking Lot Meter Fine Revenue and Amendment to City Fee Schedule Karen Weston 
R-2017.03.22-025passedIce Resurfacing Unit for Dover Arena  Karen Weston2017.03.22
R-2017.03.22-024passedB17032 Fire Inspection Services Karen Weston2017.03.22
R-2017.03.22-023passedB17024 Excavation of Waterfront Parcel on River St Karen Weston2017.03.22
R-2017.03.22-022withdrawnB17009 Additional Scope of Work Dover Pudding Hill Aquifer Interim Improvements Karen Weston
R-2017.03.22-021passedB16060 Temporary Hire Lab Technician  Karen Weston2017.03.22
R-2017.03.22-020passedB15060 Additional Design Services for Waterfront Development Phase I & II Karen Weston2017.03.22
R-2017.03.22-019passedAuthorization to Commit Funds to the NH Stormwater Coalition. Karen Weston2017.03.22
R-2017.03.08-018 Dover LED Public Works Lighting Upgrade (B15021) and Authorization for Financing Karen Weston 
R-2017.03.08-017 Advanced Refunding for City of Dover November 15, 2008 and April 15, 2010 General Obligation Bonds and Authorization to Issue Refunding Bonds Karen Weston 
R-2017.03.08-016passedDisposal of City Owned Real Estate Rescission @ Floral Avenue Karen Weston2017.03.08
R-2017.03.08-015passedAgreement to Convey Remedial Infrastructure and Equipment Karen Weston2017.03.08
R-2017.03.08-014passedYeoman Pump Rotating Assembly – Sole Source Purchase Karen Weston2017.03.08
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