R-2021.07.28-139passedRepeal and Replace the Ad Hoc Committee for Graffiti Management.Dennis Ciotti2021.07.28
R-2021.07.28-138passedApproval of Lease Amendment for Reach for the Top Therapy ServicesRobert Carrier2021.07.28
R-2021.07.28-137passedApproval of Lease Agreement with Community Solutions, Inc.Robert Carrier2021.07.28
R-2021.07.28-136passedApproval of Lease Agreement with New England Sports Complex, Inc., d/b/a First Push SyndicateRobert Carrier2021.07.28
R-2021.07.28-135passedB21048 Specialized Municipal Engineering ServicesRobert Carrier2021.07.28
R-2021.07.28-134passedState of NH Contract with Dell Marketing LP for Computer EquipmentRobert Carrier2021.07.28
R-2021.07.28-133passedAuthorization to Purchase Trojan UV3000 Plus Lamps and Quartz SleevesRobert Carrier2021.07.28
R-2021.07.14-132passedApproval of (Revised) Proposed Amendments to City Charter and Authorization to Submit Updated Final Report to the New Hampshire Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Department of Revenue AdministrationRobert Carrier2021.07.28
R-2021.07.14-131FY2022 CIP Appropriation and Authorization for CWSRF Loan for River Street Pump Station UpgradesRobert Carrier
R-2021.07.14-130passedAuthorization to Execute Joint Powers Agreement of Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire (Intergovernmental Agreement)Robert Carrier2021.07.14
R-2021.07.14-129passedB22003 Purchase of Water Meters, FY2022 - Stiles Company, Inc.Robert Carrier2021.07.14
R-2021.07.14-128passedLibrary Books & Media PurchasesRobert Carrier2021.07.14
R-2021.07.14-127passedAuthorization to Utilize the Services of Dr. Nicole L. SawyerRobert Carrier2021.07.14
R-2021.07.14-126passedB22001 Zamboni Replacement ? Sourcewell ContractRobert Carrier2021.07.14
R-2021.07.14-125passedB21073 Residential Pay-As-You-Throw Trash BagsRobert Carrier2021.07.14
R-2021.07.14-124passedB21039 2021 Sidewalk Improvements, Additional Funding RequestRobert Carrier2021.07.14
R-2021.07.14-123passedB21018 Dover Teen Center Kitchen ConstructionRobert Carrier2021.07.14
R-2021.06.23-122tabledAuthorizing Application, Acceptance, and Expenditure of Community Development Block Grant ? COVID-19 Public Facilities Funding to Support the Acquisition of a Homeless Day CenterRobert Carrier
R-2021.06.23-121passedApproval of Cable Franchise Agreement with Atlantic Broadband (NH-ME), LLCRobert Carrier2021.07.28
R-2021.06.23-120passedApproval of One Additional Proposed Amendment to City Charter and Authorization to Submit First Addendum to Final Report to the New Hampshire Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Commissioner of the Department of Revenue AdministrationRobert Carrier2021.07.14
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