R-2022.09.28-204Appropriation For FY2024 Capital Improvements Program and Authorization for BondingRobert Carrier
R-2022.09.28-203Appropriation For FY2024 Capital Improvements Program ? Non-Debt Financed ProjectsRobert Carrier
R-2022.09.28-202Adoption of FY2024-FY2029 Capital Improvements PlanRobert Carrier
R-2022.09.28-201Approval of Eversource Trimming and Removal of TreesRobert Carrier
R-2022.09.28-200passedCollective Bargaining Agreement ? Dover Teachers? Union (DTU)Robert Carrier2022.09.28
R-2022.09.28-199passedPurchase of Jill Nooney Sculptures for Community Trail ? Sole Source PurchaseRobert Carrer2022.09.28
R-2022.09.28-198passedEmergency Repairs to City Hall ElevatorRobert Carrier2022.09.28
R-2022.09.28-197passedEmergency Purchase of John Deere Attachments, Parts and Service through United Construction & Forestry and United Ag & Turf ? Sole Source PurchaseRobert Carrier2022.09.28
R-2022.09.28-196passedEmergency Pump Repair and Cleaning Services Willand Pond Water SupplyRobert Carrier2022.09.28
R-2022.09.28-195passedB14074 French Cross Road Water Treatment Plant and Hughes Well Improvements, Underwood Engineers, Inc Professional Engineering ServicesRobert Carrier2022.09.28
R-2022.09.28-194passedB23018 Crack Sealing ServicesRobert Carrier2022.09.28
R-2022.09.28-193passedAcceptance of Donation of Dog Waste Cleanup StationsRobert Carrier2022.09.28
R-2022.09.14-192passedReprogram Unexpended Bond Proceeds from Sixth Street and Venture Drive to Stormwater Improvements Stark Avenue and Elliot Circle CIP Project.Robert Carrier2022.09.28
R-2022.09.14-191passedAuthorization to Accept and Expend the NH Humanities Community Project Grant - Indigenous People's InitiativeRobert Carrier2022.09.28
R-2022.09.14-190passedAuthorization to Accept and Expend the New Hampshire Department of Transportation - State Aid to MunicipalitiesRobert Carrier2022.09.28
R-2022.09.14-189passedPurchase of 2023 Police InterceptorsRobert Carrier2022.09.14
R-2022.09.14-188passedProperty & Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance New Hampshire Public Risk Management Exchange ? Primex Contribution Assurance ProgramRobert Carrier2022.09.14
R-2022.09.14-187passedAward of Annual Preventative Maintenance Agreement to Southworth-Milton, Inc. for Caterpillar GeneratorsRobert Carrier2022.09.14
R-2022.09.14-186passedChemical Root Control ServicesRobert Carrier2022.09.14
R-2022.09.14-185passedB22085 Award of Bid for Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon AssemblyRobert Carrier2022.09.14
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