R-2019.04.10-052 FY2020 CIP Appropriation and Authorization for CWSRF Pump Station Evaluations and Planning Loan Karen Weston 
R-2019.04.10-051FY2020 CIP Appropriation and Authorization for CWSRF Sewer Asset Management LoanKaren Weston
R-2019.04.10-050passedAmendment to Dover Transportation Advisory Commission Operating Rules Karen Weston2019.04.10
R-2019.04.10-049passedAmendments to McConnell Center Advisory Committee Operating Rules Karen Weston2019.04.10
R-2019.04.10-048passedRestoration of Merged Lots (10 South Watson Lane, Dover) Karen Weston2019.04.10
R-2019.04.10-047passedApproval of Purchase and Sale Agreement Between City of Dover and Glenn L. Adams, Trustee of The Laura L. Adams Irrevocable Trust Karen Weston2019.04.10
R-2019.04.10-046passedAuthorization to Purchase Used Forklift Karen Weston2019.04.10
R-2019.04.10-045passedB19060 Purchase of Vactor 2100 Plus or Equal Karen Weston2019.04.10
R-2019.04.10-044passedB19051 Asphalt Trench Patching Services Karen Weston2019.04.10
R-2019.04.10-043passedB19040 Consulting Services for Classification and Compensation Study Karen Weston2019.04.10
R-2019.04.10-042passedB19013 Central Falls Retaining Wall Reconstruction Karen Weston2019.04.10
R-2019.04.10-041passedB16052 Arena Locker Room Renovations Additional Scope of WorkKaren Weston2019.04.10
R-2019.03.27-040passedAppropriation of Recreation Facilities Capital Reserve Funds for Community Trail Phase IV SectionKaren Weston2019.04.10
R-2019.03.27-039 Fiscal Year 2020 Budget Appropriations, Fees and Capital Improvements Program Karen Weston 
R-2019.03.27-038passedApproval of License Agreement between City and Carnegie Holdings, LLC Karen Weston2019.03.27
R-2019.03.27-037passedB19049 Pavement Markings Long Line Reflectorized Karen Weston2019.03.27
R-2019.03.27-036passedB19048 Award of Bid Hand Pavement Markings Karen Weston2019.03.27
R-2019.03.27-035passedB19039 Sand and Gravel Products Karen Weston2019.03.27
R-2019.03.27-034passedB19038 Award of Bid for Construction Equipment Rental Karen Weston2019.03.27
R-2019.03.27-033passedB19035 River Street Pump Station Variable Frequency Drive Replacement Karen Weston2019.03.27
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