R-2019.08.14-141 Amendment of FY2020 Fee Schedule to Amend Parking Meter Fee Structure Belknap St. Lot and Orchard St. Lot Karen Weston 
R-2019.08.14-140passedOperation of Sports Book Retail Locations in Dover Karen Weston2019.08.14
R-2019.08.14-139passedCalling on the U.S. Government to Lead a Global Effort to Prevent Nuclear War Dennis Shanahan2019.08.14
R-2019.08.14-138passedAdoption of Downtown Dover TIF Advisory Board Operating Rules Dennis Shanahan2019.08.14
R-2019.08.14-137passedApproval of Okad of Dover, LLC Conservation EasementKaren Weston2019.08.14
R-2019.08.14-136passedApproval of City of Dover to File Petition to Extend Water Service Area with the Public Utilities Commission Karen Weston2019.08.14
R-2019.08.14-135passedApproval of Utility Easement – 36 Mount Vernon Street and 71 Grove Street Karen Weston2019.08.14
R-2019.08.14-134passedRestoration of Merged Lots (17 Hill Street, Dover) Karen Weston2019.08.14
R-2019.08.14-133passedRestoration of Merged Lots (51 Glenwood Ave., Dover) Karen Weston2019.08.14
R-2019.08.14-132passedRestoration of Merged Lots (51 Glen Hill Road, Dover) Karen Weston2019.08.14
R-2019.08.14-131passedEversource NH Energy Savings with AECOM for City Buildings Karen Weston2019.08.14
R-2019.08.14-130passedTrojan UV3000 Plus Lamps Karen Weston2019.08.14
R-2019.08.14-129passedAward of Maintenance Agreement to Southworth Milton Inc for Caterpillar Generator Maintenance Karen Weston2019.08.14
R-2019.08.14-128passedCommitment to City of Rochester NH for Shared Costs of Data Evaluation of the Tidal Cocheco River in Support of the NPDES Permit Negotiations Karen Weston2019.08.14
R-2019.08.14-127passedGuppey Park Ballfield Lighting – Sourcewell (formally NJPA)Karen Weston2019.08.14
R-2019.08.14-126passedCommunity Service Building Security Wall and Wash Bay Sourcewell (formally NJPA) Karen Weston2019.08.14
R-2019.08.14-125passedB18013 Design Services for Community Trail Expansion Phase IV Karen Weston2019.08.14
R-2019.07.24-124passedChanging of Wards 1, 2 and 3 Polling Facilities Karen Weston2019.07.24
R-2019.07.24-123passedVarious Senior Center Trips Karen Weston2019.07.24
R-2019.07.24-122passedBooks & Media Purchases Karen Weston2019.07.24
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