R-2018.04.11-035 Appropriation For Chestnut St and Washington St Realignment FY2019 Capital Improvements Program – Non-Debt Financed Projects Karen Weston 
R-2018.04.11-034passedRetention of Outside Legal Counsel Regarding Potential Opioid Litigation Karen Weston2018.04.11
R-2018.03.28-033passedDisposal of Tax Deeded Real Estate @ Arcola AvenueKaren Weston2018.03.28
R-2018.03.28-032passedDisposal of Tax Deeded Real Estate @ Iona Avenue Parcel ID 33101-000000 Karen Weston2018.03.28
R-2018.03.28-031 Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Appropriations, Fees and Capital Improvements Program Karen Weston 
R-2018.03.28-030passedOperating Rules for Heritage CommissionKaren Weston2018.03.28
R-2018.03.28-029passedPurchase of Firefighting Turnout Gear Karen Weston2018.03.28
R-2018.03.28-028passedPurchase of a Type 1 Classic Ambulance Karen Weston2018.03.28
R-2018.03.28-027passedB18056 Award of Bid Traffic Control/Flagging Services Karen Weston2018.03.28
R-2018.03.28-026passedB18051 Award of Bid for Construction Equipment Rental Karen Weston2018.03.28
R-2018.03.14-025passedAcceptance of the Action Plan and Expenditures for Fiscal Year 2019 CDBG Entitlement FundsKaren Weston2018.03.28
R-2018.03.14-024passedReaffirmation of Appointment of New Board Member to the JBC regarding Dover High School and the Regional Career Technical Center Karen Weston2018.03.14
R-2018.03.14-023passedAdoption 2018-2019 City Council Goals Karen Weston2018.03.14
R-2018.03.14-022passedDover Pudding Hill Aquifer Change Order #4 - Emery & Garrett Groundwater Investigations LLC Karen Weston2018.03.14
R-2018.03.14-021passedB17025 Veterans Memorial Additional Scope of Work Karen Weston2018.03.14
R-2018.03.14-020passedB16059 Consultant for Cemetery Master PlanKaren Weston2018.03.14
R-2018.03.14-019passedB15060 Additional Design Services for Waterfront Development Phase III Flex FundKaren Weston2018.03.14
R-2018.02.28-018passedApproval of Zebra Crossings Second Amendment to July 15, 2015 Lease Agreement Karen Weston2018.02.28
R-2018.02.28-017passedApproval of Reach for the Top Therapy Services Lease AgreementKaren Weston2018.02.28
R-2018.02.28-016passed2018 Multi Hazard Mitigation Plan Approval Karen Weston2018.02.28
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