R-2021.10.13-178passedState of NH Contract for Cisco Security Hardware and Professional Services (Revised)Robert Carrier2021.10.13
R-2021.10.13-177Appropriation For FY2023 Capital Improvements Program and Authorization for BondingRobert Carrier
R-2021.10.13-176Appropriation For FY2023 Capital Improvements Program Non-Debt Financed ProjectsRobert Carrier
R-2021.10.13-175Adoption of FY2023-FY2028 Capital Improvements PlanRobert Carrier
R-2021.10.13-174Reprogram Unexpended Bond Proceeds from the Garrison Elementary School Improvement Project to Dover High School ProjectRobert Carrier
R-2021.10.13-173passedFinal Acceptance of Garrison Elementary School Improvements and Dissolution of the Garrison Elementary School Construction Joint Building CommitteeRobert Carrier2021.10.13
R-2021.10.13-172Amendment of FY2022 Schedule of Fees to Amend the Replacement Parking Permit FeeRobert Carrier
R-2021.10.13-171Authorization to Accept and Expend the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) GrantRobert Carrier
R-2021.10.13-170Authorization to Accept and Expend the Wentworth Douglass Hospital GrantRobert Carrier
R-2021.10.13-169passedApproval of Purchase and Sale Agreement Between City of Dover, Dover Business and Industrial Development Authority, and American Durafilm Co., Inc.Robert Carrier2021.10.13
R-2021.10.13-168passedB11001 Wright-Pierce Additional Scope of Work #10 for Engineering Design Services for the Stark Ave & Downtown Area Sewer Rehabilitation Project-Phase CRobert Carrier2021.10.13
R-2021.10.13-167passedConsent to and Acceptance of Land and Easement Contribution from STF Development Corporation In Lieu of Impact FeesRobert Carrier2021.10.13
R-2021.10.13-166passedAcceptance of (i) Emerald Lane (Final Phase) from Indian Ridge at Dover, LLC and (ii) a Related Drainage Easement from Indian Ridge Homeowners? AssociationRobert Carrier2021.10.13
R-2021.10.13-165passedApproval of Amendment to Cemetery Board By-LawsRobert Carrier2021.10.13
R-2021.10.13-164passedAmending City of Dover?s Designated Representatives to Community Power Coalition of New HampshireRobert Carrier2021.10.13
R-2021.09.22-163FY2022 CIP Appropriation and Authorization for Bonding for Pudding Hill Water Treatment PlantRobert Carrier
R-2021.09.22-162passedB21061 Telecommunications ServicesRobert Carrier2021.09.22
R-2021.09.22-161passedPurchase of Voyage Mark II Scale Model Solar System (Revised)Robert Carrier2021.09.22
R-2021.09.22-160passedDirector of Public Welfare Employment AgreementRobert Carrier2021.09.22
R-2021.09.22-159passedApproval of Payment in Lieu of Property Tax (PILOT) Agreement Between City and The Housing Partnership: A Non-Profit CorporationRobert Carrier2021.09.22
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