R-2018.12.12-160passedAcceptance of Thornwood Lane as a Public Way Karen Weston2018.12.12
R-2018.12.12-159passedMemorandum of Understanding Huber Technologies Inc Karen Weston2018.12.12
R-2018.12.12-158passedB19028 Ford Transit Connect Long Wheelbase Karen Weston2018.12.12
R-2018.12.12-157passedB19027 Four Police– Ford Interceptor Utility Vehicles Karen Weston2018.12.12
R-2018.12.12-156passedB19014 Six Wheel Dump Truck with Equipment Karen Weston2018.12.12
R-2018.12.12-155passedB19013 Central Falls Retaining Wall Reconstruction Karen Weston2018.12.12
R-2018.12.12-154passedB19001 Broadway Street Railroad Culvert Construction Karen Weston2018.12.12
R-2018.11.14-153passed2018 City Manager Employment Agreement Amendment Karen Weston2018.11.14
R-2018.11.14-152passedReprogram Floral Avenue CIP Appropriation to Broadway Drainage Systems Improvement ProjectKaren Weston2018.12.12
R-2018.11.14-151passedRestoration of Merged Lots (55 Boston Harbor Road) Karen Weston2018.11.14
R2018.11.14-150passedAuthorization to Terminate and Resolve Dover Children’s Center Lease and Debt Karen Weston2018.11.14
R-2018.11.14-149passedPhase II Infiltration and Inflow Study - Award of Additional Scope of Services to Wright Pierce Amendment Three Karen Weston2018.11.14
R-2018.11.14-148passedEmergency Replacement of Failed Variable Frequency Drives at River Street Pump Station Karen Weston2018.11.14
R-2018.11.14-147passedB19019 Traffic Signal Repairs and Maintenance Karen Weston2018.11.14
R-2018.11.14-146passedB17024 Excavation of Waterfront Parcel on River Street Amendment One Karen Weston2018.11.14
R-2018.10.24-145passedReprogram Tanglewood Drive CIP Appropriation to Drainage System Improvement ProjectsKaren Weston2018.11.28
R-2018.10.24-145passedParking Fee Schedule UpdateKaren Weston2018.11.14
R-2018.10.24-144passedCity Hall Second Floor Wiring Karen Weston2018.10.24
R-2018.10.24-143passedB19010 Engineering Consultant for Chestnut Street Bridge Repairs Karen Weston2018.10.24
R-2018.10.24-142passedB19014 Six Wheel Dump Truck with Equipment Karen Weston2018.10.24
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