R-2020.10.28-186Establishing a Schedule and Process for Review and Final Proposal of Potential Charter AmendmentsRobert Carrier
R-2020.10.28-185passedAuthorization to Release Outside Counsel Memorandum Dated October 14, 2020 Reviewing City of Dover?s Police Department?s Internal InvestigationRobert Carrier2020.10.28
R-2020.10.28-184passedB99057 Broadway Railroad Culvert Engineering Services Additional Scope of Work #6Robert Carrier2020.10.28
R-2020.10.28-183passedB11001 Wright-Pierce Additional Scope of Work for Engineering Construction Services for Catch Basin and Wet Well Cleanings Treatment FacilityRobert Carrier2020.10.28
R-2020.10.28-182passedRepeal and Replace Ad Hoc Committee to Study Stormwater and Flood Resilience FundingRobert Carrier2020.10.28
R-2020.10.28-181passedFormation of Ad Hoc Committee for Racial Equity and InclusionCity Council2020.10.28
R-2020.10.28-180passedAuthorization to Sign LWCF Map and Notice of Grant Restrictions for Cochecho Park (Portion of Tax Map 22-1-1)Robert Carrier2020.10.28
R-2020.10.28-179passedAcceptance of Emergency Management Performance Grant COVID-19 Supplemental (EMPG-S)Robert Carrier2020.10.28
R-2020.10.28-178passedAcceptance of Center for Tech & Civic Life Covid19 Response Grant for Local Election AdministrationRobert Carrier2020.10.28
R-2020.10.28-177passedB21016 Snow Plowing/Hauling Services for City Streets and Parking LotsRobert Carrier2020.10.28
R-2020.10.28-176passedB17003 Siemens Industries Inc Additional Scope of Work for the Facilities, Grounds & Cemeteries BuildingRobert Carrier2020.10.28
R-2020.10.14-175 Appropriation For FY2022 Capital Improvements Program and Authorization for Bonding Robert Carrier 
R-2020.10.14-174Appropriation For FY2022 Capital Improvements Program – Non-Debt Financed ProjectsRobert Carrier
R-2020.10.14-173 Adoption of FY2022-FY2027 Capital Improvements Plan Robert Carrier 
R-2020.10.14-172passedAuthorization to Approve City-Wide “Adopt a Bench” Program, Donations and Placement of PlaquesRobert Carrier2020.10.28
R-2020.10.14-171passedAcceptance of COPS Grant for City of Dover Police Department Robert Carrier2020.10.14
R-2020.10.14-170passedB21002 Construction of Catch Basin and Wet Well Cleanings Treatment Facility Robert Carrier2020.10.14
R-2020.10.14-169passedB20036 Main Street & Washington Street Water ImprovementsRobert Carrier2020.10.14
R-2020.10.14-168passedEmergency Cold Weather Shelter Robert Carrier2020.10.14
R-2020.10.14-167passedApproval of Acceptance of Donation by Northeast Color for Work and Supplies for Improving the Community Trail Robert Carrier2020.10.14
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