R-2019.11.13-185passedPurchase of 2020 Model Year Vehicles - State of NH Bid Karen Weston2019.11.13
R-2019.11.13-184 FY2020 CIP Appropriation and Authorization for CWSRF Loan for Innovative illicit Discharge and Elimination Stormwater Dry Weather Testing Karen Weston 
R-2019.11.13-183 Reprogram Portion of FY2017 CIP Appropriation for Park Improvements Amanda Howard (Park Improvements Reserve) to Skate Park Project Karen Weston 
R-2019.11.13-182passedApproval of Memorandum of Agreement Regarding Parking Spaces between One First Dover, LLC and City of Dover Karen Weston2019.11.13
R-2019.11.13-181passedPhase II Infiltration and Inflow Study - Award of Additional Scope of Services to Wright Pierce Amendment Seven Karen Weston 
R-2019.11.13-180passedB19001 Broadway Street Railroad Culvert Construction Change Order Two Karen Weston2019.11.13
R-2019.11.13-179withdrawnApproval of Sixth Amendment to Memorandum of Understanding Development of Replacement Well at the Dover Pudding Hill Aquifer Artificial Recharge Pilot Testing Dated April 14, 2017 Karen Weston 
R-2019.11.13-178withdrawnDover Pudding Hill Aquifer Change Order #3 Underwood Engineers, Inc Karen Weston 
R-2019.11.13-177passedCampbell Well Cleaning Design Services Wright-Pierce Additional Scope Karen Weston2019.11.13
R-2019.10.23-176passedApproval of St. Thomas Aquinas High School Lease Karen Weston2019.10.23
R-2019.10.23-175passedOn Call Environmental Consulting Service with Ransom Consulting Inc for Broadway Railroad Culvert Soil Characterization and Management Karen Weston2019.10.23
R-2019.10.23-174passedAppropriation of Recreation Facilities Capital Reserve Funds for Skate Park and Park Street ParkKaren Weston2019.11.13
R-2019.10.23-173 Rescind CIP Projects Authorized to be Bonded Unissued Small Balances Karen Weston 
R-2019.10.23-172 Reprogram Unexpended Bond Proceeds from Sidewalk Upper Whittier Street project to Chapel Restoration/Facilities & Grounds Office Project Karen Weston 
R-2019.10.23-171 Appropriation For FY2021 Capital Improvements Program and Authorization for Bonding Karen Weston 
R-2019-10.23-170 Appropriation For FY2021 Capital Improvements Program – Non-Debt Financed Projects Karen Weston 
R-2019.10.23-169 Adoption of FY2021-FY2026 Capital Improvements Plan Karen Weston 
R-2019.10.23-168passedApproval of the Bubby’s Delicatessen, LLC Sub-Lease for the Dover Transportation Center Dennis Ciotti2019.10.23
R-2019.10.23-167passedApproval of Department of Health and Human Services Lease Agreement Karen Weston2019.10.23
R-2019.10.23-166passedB20019 Winter Sand Karen Weston2019.10.23
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