R-2018.10.10-139passedFY19 Transfer of Appropriation Dover 400th Anniversary – General FundKaren Weston2018.10.10.
R-2018.10.10-138 Appropriation For FY2020 Capital Improvements Program and Authorization for Bonding Karen Weston 
R-2018.10.10-137 Appropriation For FY2020 Capital Improvements Program – Non-Debt Financed Projects Karen Weston 
R-2018.10.10-136 Adoption of FY2020-FY2025 Capital Improvements Plan Karen Weston 
R-2018.10.10-135passedApproval of the Loxsmith Bagel Corporation Sub-Lease for the Dover Transportation Center Karen Weston2018.10.10
R-2018.10.10-134passedAward of Maintenance Agreement to Southworth Milton Inc for Caterpillar Generator Maintenance Karen Weston2018.10.10
R-2018.10.10-133passedBobcat Compact Track Loader, Sourcewell formally known as National Joint Powers Alliance Karen Weston2018.10.10
R-2018.10.10-132passedB16013B Design Build of Customer Service Center Additional Scope of Work - Change Order #6 Karen Weston2018.10.10
R-2018.09.26-131passedAmend FY2019 Fee Schedule to Create Transfer of Development Rights FeeKaren Weston2018.10.10
R-2018.09.26-130passedAppropriation for Indoor Pool Boiler and Water System and B17003 Additional Scope of Work Siemens Industries Inc.Karen Weston2018.10.10
R-2018.09.26-129passedApproval of Fourth Amendment to Memorandum of Understanding Development of Replacement Well at the Dover Pudding Hill Aquifer Artificial Recharge Pilot Testing Dated April 14, 2017 Karen Weston2018.09.26
R-2018.09.26-128passedApproval of Zebra Crossings Third Amendment to July 15, 2015 Lease Agreement Karen Weston2018.09.26
R-2018.09.26-127passedTermination of Sublease of Zebra Crossings and Big Fish Learning Community and Approval of Lease Agreement with Big Fish Learning Community Karen Weston2018.09.26
R-2018.09.26-125passedApproval of Lease Agreement with Cardamoms, LLC dba Portable Pantry Karen Weston2018.09.26
R-2018.09.26-125passedDover Pudding Hill Aquifer Change Order #5 - Emery & Garrett Groundwater Investigations LLC Karen Weston2018.09.26
R-2018.09.26-124passedDover Pudding Hill Aquifer Change Order #2 Underwood Engineers, Inc Karen Weston2018.09.26
R-2018.09.26-123passedB17048 Sidewalk Improvements Additional Scope – Portland Avenue Sidewalk Project Karen Weston2018.09.26
R-2018.09.12-122passedAcceptance of Grant from Stonyfield Organic for Woodman Park School Field Karen Weston2018.09.12
R-2018.09.12-121passedApproval of Lease Assignment From The Portable Pantry Personal Chef Service, LLC and Cardamoms, LLC dba Portable Pantry Karen Weston2018.09.12
R-2018.09.12-120passedApproval of Purchase and Sale Agreement Between City of Dover and Certain Heirs of Rene J. Goulet Karen Weston2018.09.12
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