R-2017.11.08-171passedHonoring Raymond and Jacqueline Guillemette Karen Weston2017.11.08
R-2017.11.08-170Amendment of FY 2018 Schedule of Fees Chapter 152 Sidewalks and HighwaysKaren Weston
R-2017.11.08-169passedResolution to Support EPA Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund Grant Application of the Strafford Economic Development Corporation Karen Weston2017.11.08
R-2017.11.08-168passedNew City Council Orientation Karen Weston2017.11.08
R-2017.11.08-167passedApproval of Land Exchange and Lot Line Adjustment Agreement between City and Lauren & Daniel Fontaine Karen Weston2017.11.08
R-2017.11.08-166passedPurchase of ProSeries M Metering Pump Sole Source Karen Weston2017.11.08
R-2017.11.08-165passedPurchase of Public Safety Communication Equipment Karen Weston2017.11.08
R-2017.11.08-164passedBroadway Railroad Culvert Design Services Change Order II Karen Weston2017.11.08
R-2017.11.08-163passedB18027 Snow Plowing/Hauling Services for City Streets and Parking Lots Karen Weston2017.11.08
R-2017.11.08-162passedB18022 Consulting Services for Roberts Rd Reconstruction Karen Weston2017.11.08
R-2017.11.08-161passedB18018 Network Equipment and Support Services for Public Safety Communication SitesKaren Weston2017.11.08
R-2017.11.08-160passedB18003 Enterprise Backup SolutionKaren Weston2017.11.08
R-2017.11.08-159passedB17037 Birchwood and Keating Reconstruction Project Change Order #1Karen Weston2017.11.08
R-2017.11.08-158passedB14074 Phase II - Professional Engineering Services for Water Systems Facility Upgrades Change Order #4Karen Weston2017.11.08
R-2017.10.25-157Appropriation For FY2019 Capital Improvements Program and Authorization for BondingKaren Weston
R-2017.10.25-156Appropriation For FY2019 Capital Improvements Program – Non-Debt Financed ProjectsKaren Weston
R-2017.10.25-155Adoption of FY2019-FY2024 Capital Improvements PlanKaren Weston
R-2017.10.25-154passedAmendment of Schedule of Fees for Orchard Street Parking GarageKaren Weston2017.11.08
R-2017.10.25-153passedAmend FY2018 Fee Schedule to Create Veterans’ Discount for Annual Membership Fees at City Recreation Facilities and Fee For Non-Resident Library CardsKaren Weston and John O'Connor2017.11.08
R-2017.10.25-152passedAdoption of All Veterans’ Tax CreditKaren Weston and John O'Connor2017.11.08
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