R-2022.01.12-018FY2023 CIP Appropriation and Authorization for CWSRF Loan for Henry Law Park Stormwater Best Management Practices and Acceptance of ARPA Grant FundingRobert Carrier
R-2022.01.12-017Authorization to Accept and Expend the NH Department of Environmental Services ARPA Grant for Pump Station EvaluationRobert Carrier
R-2022.01.12-016FY2023 CIP Appropriation and Authorization for CWSRF Loan for WWTF Secondary Clarifier and Acceptance of ARPA Grant FundingRobert Carrier
R-2022.01.12-015Reprogram Unexpended Bond Proceeds from Fire & Rescue Emergency Shelter Generator to South End Fire Station Building Improvements projectRobert Carrier
R-2022.01.12-014Authorization to Accept and Expend the NH State Library Grant for Public Library Website ImprovementsRobert Carrier
R-2022.01.12-013passedApproval of Purchase & Sale Agreement Between Arch Street Dover, LLC and the City of DoverRobert Carrier2022.01.12
R-2022.01.12-012passedB22037 Purchase of 2022 Model Year Vehicles - State of NH ContractsRobert Carrier2022.01.12
R-2022.01.12-011passedB22015 Dover Public Library Slate Roof ReplacementRobert Carrier2022.01.12
R-2022.01.12-010passedB21048-RFP22-003 Consulting Design Services for the Downtown Pedestrian and Vehicular Access Improvements ProjectRobert Carrier2022.01.12
R-2022.01.12-009passedB21048-RFP22-002 Design Consulting Services for the Fifth and Grove Streets Reconstruction ProjectRobert Carrier2022.01.12
R-2022.01.12-008passedApproval of Deputy City Manager of the City of Dover Employment AgreementRobert Carrier2022.01.12
R-2022.01.12-007passedAward of Annual Preventive Maintenance Agreement to Stryker Medical for Stryker EquipmentRobert Carrier2022.01.12
R-2022.01.12-006passedRescind CIP Small Balances for FY13 and FY18 Non-Debt Financed Fire Department ProjectsRobert Carrier2022.01.12
R-2022.01.12-005passedAcceptance of Shore Lane and Related Utility EasementsRobert Carrier2022.01.12
R-2022.01.12-004passedAcceptance of Pear Drive, Authorization to Issue License for Maintenance, and Renaming of Pear Drive to Pear Lane Pursuant to RSA:231:133Robert Carrier2022.01.12
R-2022.01.12-003passedAuthorization to Utilize Saint Anselm College's Center for Ethics in SocietyRobert Carrier2022.01.12
R-2022.01.12-002passedAdditional Scope of Work for Dredge Cell Closure - GeoInsight, Inc.Robert Carrier2022.01.12
R-2022.01.12-001passedAdditional Scope of Work Associated with the Pudding Hill Aquifer Artificial Recharge Facility - Emery & Garrett Groundwater Investigations LLCRobert Carrier2022.01.12
R-2021.12.08-198passedApproval and Authorization of (i) Settlement and Funding Agreement Between City of Dover and New England Metal Recycling, LLC, and (ii) Third Party Guaranty AgreementRobert Carrier2021.12.08
R-2021.12.08-197passedCocheco River Outfall Stormwater Master Plan Agreement with Kleinfelder Northeast, IncRobert Carrier2021.12.08
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