R-2017.06.14-066 Appropriation of Arena Capital Reserve Funds for Hot Water Heater Purchase Karen Weston 
R-2017.06.14-065 Approval of Second Amendment to November 28, 2007 Karen Weston 
R-2017.06.14-064passedFY17 Transfer of Appropriation – General Fund Karen Weston2017.06.14
R-2017.06.14-063passedCollective Bargaining Agreement – Dover Teachers’ Union (DTU)Karen Weston2017.06.14
R-2017.06.14-062passedCollective Bargaining Agreement – Dover Paraeducators’ Association (DPA) Karen Weston2017.06.14
R-2017.06.14-061passedEstablishment of Trust Fund for DHS-CTC Building ProjectKaren Weston2017.06.14
R-2017.06.14-060passedB17053 Catch Basin Cleaning Services Karen Weston2017.06.14
R-2017.06.14-059passedB17052 Crack Sealing Services Karen Weston2017.06.14
R-2017.06.14-058passedB17027 Various Chemicals Karen Weston2017.06.14
R-2017.06.14-057passedConsultant for Codification Services Karen Weston2017.06.14
R-2017.06.14-056passedB17022 Tax Assessing and Data Collection Services Karen Weston2017.06.14
R-2017.06.14-055passedB15060 Additional Design Services for Waterfront Development Phase III Karen Weston2017.06.14
R-2017.05.24-054passedFormation of Dover’s 400th Anniversary Committee Karen Weston2017.05.24
R-2017.05.24-053passedTrojan UV3000 Plus Lamps and Sleeves Karen Weston2017.05.24
R-2017.05.24-052passedEnvironmental Consulting Services Karen Weston2017.05.24
R-2017.05.24-051passedAcceptance of New Hampshire Department of Safety, Homeland Security & Emergency Management Grant and Purchase of Consulting Services Karen Weston2017.05.24
R-2017.05.10-050passedAcceptance of New Hampshire Department of Safety, Homeland Security & Emergency Management Grant and Purchase of Shelter Generator @ the McConnell Center through the NJPA Caterpillar Contract Karen Weston2017.05.10
R-2017.05.10-049passedB17047 Award of bid Precast Concrete Structures  Karen Weston2017.05.10
R-2017.05.10-048passedB17040 Award of Bid Traffic Control/Flagging Services Karen Weston2017.05.10
R-2017.04.26-047passedReprogram Appropriations for Oak St Railroad Bridge and award B16073 Change Order #3 and #4 Central Ave Bridge RepairsKaren Weston2017.05.10
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