R-2019.02.13-018passedEstablishment of FY 2019 Expectations by Mayor And City Council for City Manager Karen Weston2019.02.13
R-2019.02.13-017passedWaterfront TIF Advisory Board Operating Rules Karen Weston2019.02.13
R-2019.02.13-016passedApproval of Public Art Installation in City HallKaren Weston, Dennis Shanahan, and Matthew Keane2019.02.13
R-2019.02.13-015passedApproval of Winter Road Maintenance Agreement between City of Dover and Varney Brook Lands, LLC Karen Weston2019.02.13
R-2019.02.13-014passedB19037 Bouchard Well Cleaning and Pump Repairs Karen Weston2019.02.13
R-2019.01.23-013passedApproval of Water System Emergency Interconnection Agreement with the City of Somersworth Karen Weston2019.01.23
R-2019.01.23-012passedEstablishment of Dover High School General Scholarship Trust Fund Karen Weston2019.01.23
R-2019.01.09-011passedAmendment One Chestnut & Washington St Realignment Project and Reprogram Unexpended Funds from Applevale Ave Street ReconstructionKaren Weston2019.02.13
R-2019.01.09-010passedApproval of Northeastern Ballet Theater Lease Agreement Karen Weston2019.01.09
R-2019.01.09-009passedB19024 Water Facilities Improvements Phase II Contract III Karen Weston2019.01.09
R-2019.01.09-008passedB19023 Water Facilities Improvements Phase II Contract I Karen Weston2019.01.09
R-2019.01.09-007passedB19022 Wastewater Treatment Facility Aeration Blower Upgrades Karen Weston2019.01.09
R-2019.01.09-006passedB14074 Phase II - Professional Engineering Services for Water Systems Facility Upgrades Change Order #5 & #6 Karen Weston2019.01.09
R-2019.01.09-005passedAward Purchase of ESRI ArcGIS Software Karen Weston2019.01.09
R-2019.01.09-004passedHuber Inclined Screw Press Installation with Apex Construction Inc Karen Weston2019.01.09
R-2019.01.09-003passedCaterpillar Generator, Sourcewell formally known as National Joint Powers Alliance Karen Weston2019.01.09
R-2019.01.09-002passedBobcat 5600 ToolCat, Sourcewell formally known as National Joint Powers Alliance Karen Weston2019.01.09
R-2019.01.09-001passedAccess Easement for Public Access Over Thornwood Commons TrailsKaren Weston2019.01.09
R-2018.12.12-160passedAcceptance of Thornwood Lane as a Public Way Karen Weston2018.12.12
R-2018.12.12-159passedMemorandum of Understanding Huber Technologies Inc Karen Weston2018.12.12
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