R-2020.06.24-109 Reprogram Appropriation of Recreation Facilities Capital Reserve Funds for Community Trail Phase IV to Community Trail Phase III Robert Carrier 
R-2020.06.20-108passedBellamy River Artificial Recharge Facility – 401 Water Quality Certificate Additional Scope of Work - Emery & Garrett Groundwater Investigations LLC Robert Carrier2020.06.24
R-2020.06.24-107passedOn Call Environmental Consulting Service with Ransom Consulting Inc for Broadway Railroad Culvert Soil Characterization and Management Robert Carrier2020.06.24
R-2020.06.24-106passedPurchase of Diesel Engine Ambulance Robert Carrier2020.06.24
R-2020.06.24-105passedB20073 Design Consulting Services for the Lower Central Avenue Improvement Project Robert Carrier2020.06.24
R-2020.06.24-104passedB20066 Hot Bituminous Paving –Asphalt Laid in Place Robert Carrier2020.06.24
R-2020.06.24-103passedB20039 Water Facilities Improvements Phase II Contract IV– Bellamy Recharge Facility Robert Carrier2020.06.24
R-2020.06.24-102passedB17003 Siemens Industries Inc Additional Scope of Work-City Hall Boiler Replacement Robert Carrier2020.06.24
R-2020.06.24-101passedB14074 Phase II - Professional Engineering Services for Water Systems Facility Upgrades Additional Scope of Work #8 & #9 Robert Carrier2020.06.24
R-2020.06.24-100passedCondemning Racism and Affirming City of Dover’s Commitment to Eliminating Racial Inequities Dover City Council2020.06.24
R-2020.06.24-099passedDog Warrant Robert Carrier2020.06.24
R-2020.06.24-098passedApproval for Lot Line Restoration of 48 Tuttle Lane Robert Carrier2020.06.24
R-2020.06.24-097passedApproval of Use and Occupancy Agreement between the City of Dover and State of New Hampshire Robert Carrier2020.06.24
R-2020.06.24-096passedMerit Plan Amendment – Classification PlanRobert Carrier2020.06.24
R-2020.06.24-095passedLoad and Delivery of Pipe to Broadway Project Robert Carrier2020.06.24
R-2020.06.24-094passedB20079 Specialized Municipal Legal Services Robert Carrier2020.06.24
R-2020.06.24-093passedB20076 Tree Removal Services and Other Related Tree Work Services Robert Carrier2020.06.24
R-2020.06.24-092passedB20075 Bituminous Concrete Asphalt Picked Up Robert Carrier2020.06.24
R-2020.06.24-091passedB20072 Catch Basin Cleaning Services Robert Carrier2020.06.24
R-2020.06.24-090passedB20067 Turf Treatment Robert Carrier2020.06.24
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