R-2018.06.13-076 FY18 Transfer Additional Funds to School Capital Reserve Funds Karen Weston 
R-2018.06.13-075passedApproval to Enter Letter of Intent re: Implementation of Solar Projects on City-Owned PropertyKaren Weston2018.06.13
R-2018.06.13-074passedFY18 Transfer of Appropriation – General Fund Karen Weston2018.06.13
R-2018.06.13-073passedAuthorized Acquisition of Utility Drainage Easement at 10A Roberts Road Karen Weston2018.06.13
R-2018.06.13-072passedApproval of Utility Easement - 2 Forest Street MMB Apartments, LLC Karen Weston2018.06.13
R-2018.06.13-071passedTrojan UV3000 Plus Lamps Karen Weston2018.06.13
R-2018.06.13-070passedPurchase of Daytech Bus Shelters Karen Weston2018.06.13
R-2018.06.13-069passedDisposal of Tax Deeded Real Estate @ 76 Polly Ann TP Parcel ID M0047-C00076 Karen Weston2018.06.13
R-2018.06.13-068passedDisposal of Tax Deeded Real Estate @ 57 Polly Ann TP Parcel ID M0047-C00057 Karen Weston2018.06.13
R-2018.06.13-067passedDisposal of Tax Deeded Real Estate @ 37 Polly Ann TPKaren Weston2018.06.13
R-2018.06.13-066failedB18081 Disposal of Tax Deeded Real Estate @ Arcola Ave Parcel ID 33109-000000 Karen Weston2018.06.13
R-2018.06.13-065passedB18076 Disposal of Tax Deeded Real Estate @ Iona Ave Parcel ID 33101-000000 Karen Weston2018.06.13
R-2018.06.13-064passedB18077 Design Consultant for Sixth and Venture Intersection Improvements Karen Weston2018.06.13
R-2018.06.13-063passedB18075 Design Consultant for Belknap Street and Elm Street Neighborhood Reconstruction Karen Weston2018.06.13
R-2018.06.13-062passedB18072 Waste Water Treatment Plant BioSolids Management Services Karen Weston2018.06.13
R-2018.06.13-061passedB18049 Various Chemicals Karen Weston2018.06.13
R-2018.06.13-060passedCity Hall B18048 – Asbestos Abatement State of NH Bid Karen Weston2018.06.13
R-2018.06.13-059passedB18046 Daycare Area Roof Replacement at McConnell Center Karen Weston2018.06.13
R-2018.06.13-058passedB08043 Award of Additional Scope of Services Traffic Signal Program Sebago Technics Karen Weston2018.06.13
R-2018.05.23-057passedChief of Police Employment Agreement Karen Weston2018.05.23
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