R-2023.11.08 - 181passedGranting Chinburg Development LLC Permission to Undertake Improvements to Old Oak Street and Obtain Building Permits on Old Oak Street (a Class VI road)Robert Carrier2023.11.08
R-2023.11.08 - 177passedB24022 Segregation and Recycling of Construction and Demolition DebrisRobert Carrier2023.11.08
R-2023.11.08 - 176passedB24018 Snow Plowing/Hauling Services for City Streets and Parking LotsRobert Carrier2023.11.08
R-2023.11.08 - 175passedB24008 Crane Inspections & RepairsRobert Carrier2023.11.08
R-2023.11.08 - 174passedB24016 Supervisory Control & Data Collection Acquisition Water Sewer Licensing UpgradesRobert Carrier2023.11.08
R-2023.11.08 - 173passedAuthorization to Accept and Expend Donation to the Dover Fire & RescueRobert Carrier2023.11.08
2023.10.25 - 172passedApproval of Department of Health and Human Services Dover IO Lease AgreementRobert Carrier2023.10.25
R-2023.07.26 - 121passedImposing Special Assessment on 4 Jackson Brook Terrace (Tax Map B-18-14) in Relation to Publicly Funded Emergency Sewer ImprovementsRobert Carrier2023.10.25
2023.10.25 - 171passedDenial of Requested Review of Water/Sewer Abatement Appeal for Property at 28-30 Second St.Robert Carrier2023.10.25
R-2023.10.11-169passedAcknowledgment and Acceptance of Donation by Northeast Color for Work and SuppliesRobert Carrier2023.10.11
R-2023.10.11-170passedAmendment to Ad Hoc Committee to Address Community Housing NeedsRobert Carrier2023.10.11
R-2023.10.11-168passedApproval of a Lot Restoration for 50 Piscataqua Road (Tax Map J, Lot 13F)Robert Carrier2023.10.11
R-2023.10.11-167passedHydraulic Model Capacity Analysis - Wright PierceRobert Carrier2023.10.11
R-2023.10.11-166passedAward of Annual Preventative Maintenance Agreement to Southworth-Milton, Inc. for Caterpillar GeneratorsRobert Carrier2023.10.11
R-2023.10.11-165passedDover Arena Rubber Roof ReplacementRobert Carrier2023.10.11
R-2023.10.11-164passedB23080 Replacement of Arena Cooling TowerRobert Carrier2023.10.11
R-2023.10.11-163passedB21048-RFP24-001 Sidewalk Assessment StudyRobert Carrier2023.10.11
R-2023.10.11-162passedB24001 Crack Sealing ServicesRobert Carrier2023.10.11
R-2023.09.27-160passedFY2024 Capital Improvements Program Appropriation for Recycling Waste Oil Furnace - Non-Debt Financed ProjectRobert Carrier2023.10.11
R-2023.09.27-159passedFY2024 Budget Amendment for Additional Appropriation for Workers' Compensation FundRobert Carrier2023.10.11
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