R-2023.01.25-019Authorization to Accept and Expend Anonymous DonationRobert Carrier
R-2023.01.25-018passedReadopting the Provisions of RSA 72:28 Standard and Optional Veterans? Tax Credit and RSA 72:28-s All Veterans? Property Tax CreditRobert Carrier2032.01.25
R-2023.01.25-017passedApproval of Electrical Aggregation Plan for the City of Dover Pursuant to RSA chapter 53-ERobert Carrier2023.01.25
R-2023.01.25-016passedApproval of Amendments to Article XVI of the Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire Joint Powers AgreementRobert Carrier2023.01.25
R-2023.01.25-015passedAmending City of Dover's Designated Representatives to Community Power Coalition of New HampshireRobert Carrier2023.01.25
R-2023.01.25-014passedApproval of Long Hill Road Tower Lease Agreement with County of Strafford c/o Strafford County Sheriff's DepartmentRobert Carrier2023.01.25
R-2023.01.25-013passedApproval of Library Board of Trustees? Operating RulesRobert Carrier2023.01.25
R-2023.01.25-012passedProfessional Support Services for (SCADA) Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition - Woodard & CurranRobert Carrier2023.01.25
R-2023.01.25-011passedB23042 Bobcat T45O VS Compact Track Loader - SourcewellRobert Carrier2023.01.25
R-2023.01.25-010passedB23038 Surveying Services as NeededRobert Carrier2023.01.25
R-2023.01.25-009passedAward of Bid B23037 for Critical Flood Risk Infrastructure Grant for Stormwater & Flood Resilience Utility ProjectRobert Carrier2023.01.25
R-2023.01.25-008passedB23001 Purchase of Fire, EMS, Public Safety Equipment Bergeron Protective Clothing- MA Bid PSE01Robert Carrier2023.01.25
R-2023.01.25-007passedPurchase of Fire / EMS, Public Safety Equipment - Massachusetts State Contract Bid PSE01Robert Carrier2023.01.25
R-2023.01.11-006Authorization of Annual Appraisal of Real Estate for Fiscal Year 2024 (Tax Year 2023)Robert Carrier
R-2023.01.11-005passedAuthorization to Accept and Expend the Assistance to Firefighters GrantRobert Carrier2023.01.25
R-2023.01.11-004passedB23026 Award of Bid Feasibility Study Curbside Solid Waste & Single Stream Recycling Collection and DisposalRobert Carrier2023.01.11
R-2023.01.11-003passedB23024 - Architectural Design Services - Waterfront Park BuildingRobert Carrier2023.01.11
R-2023.01.11-002passedB19001 Broadway Street Railroad Culvert Construction Final Payment and SettlementRobert Carrier2023.01.11
R-2023.01.11-001passedB15060 Additional Scope of Work for the Cochecho Waterfront Development Project - Horsley Witten Group, Inc.Robert Carrier2023.01.11
R-2022.12.14-241passedAuthorization to Accept and Expend the NHHFA InvestNH Municipal Planning & Zoning GrantRobert Carrier2023.01.11
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