R-2020.01.22-013 FY2020 Transfer Additional Funds to School Facilities Capital Reserve and School Curriculum Capital Reserve Robert Carrier 
R-2020.01.22-012passedApproval of Strafford County Lease Agreement Robert Carrier2020.01.22
R-2020.01.22-011passedApproval of Zebra Crossings Lease Agreement Robert Carrier2020.01.22
R-2020.01.22-010passedB19019 Traffic Signal Repairs and Maintenance Robert Carrier2020.01.22
R-2020.01.22-009passedB14074 Phase II - Professional Engineering Services for Water Systems Facility Upgrades Change Order #6 & #7 Robert Carrier2020.01.22
R-2020.01.08-008passedApproval of Recommended Mitigation Measures to NHDOT for the General Sullivan Bridge Robert Carrier2020.01.08
R-2020.01.08-007tabledB20024 Curbside Collection Services-Municipal Solid Waste and Recycling & B20012 Disposal Robert Carrier 
R-2020.01.08-006passedAdoption of Policy for Pre-Approving Conditional/Temporary Emergency Use Shelter as Part of Local Emergency Operations Plan (LEOP) Robert Carrier2020.01.08
R-2020.01.08-005passedSetting Voting Hours for the February 11, 2020 Presidential Primary Robert Carrier2020.01.08
R-2020.01.08-004passedAcceptance of NH Project FIRST Program Grant from NH Department of Safety Robert Carrier2020.01.08
R-2020.01.08-003passedFlygt Submersible Propeller Pump Replacement for Waste Water Treatment PlantRobert Carrier2020.01.08
R-2020.01.08-002passedB18056 Award of Bid Traffic Control/Flagging Services Year ThreeRobert Carrier2020.01.08
R-2020.01.08-001passedB17019 Electrical Contractor Year FourRobert Carrier2020.01.08
R-2019.12.11-199passedApproval and Consent to Refugee Resettlement in the City of Dover, New Hampshire Karen Weston2019.12.11
R-2019.12.11-198passedChanging of Ward 3 Polling Facility Karen Weston2019.12.11
R-2019.12.11-197withdrawnSetting Voting Hours for the February 11, 2020 Presidential Primary Karen Weston 
R-2019.12.19-196passedCanvass of Votes-November 5, 2019 Karen Weston2019.12.11
R-2019.12.11-195passedApproval of Winter Road Maintenance Agreement with Varney Brook Lands, LLC Karen Weston2019.12.11
R-2019.12.11-194passedApproval of License Agreement with First Street at Garrison, LLC and Riparia-One Hundred First Street LLC Karen Weston2019.12.11
R-2019.12.11-193passedApproval of License and Maintenance Agreement with Hellenic Realty Partners, LLC Karen Weston2019.12.11
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