000aCover Page 1 - City Seal2013.11.13
000bCover Page 2 - City of Dover Officials2013.11.13
000c City of Dover Code Book, Table of Contents2013.11.13
000dCity Charter2012.08.08
001General Provisions2013.11.13
002City Council Orientation2013.11.13
003Administrative Code2013.11.13
005Boards, Commissions and Committees2013.11.13
014Conservation Commission2013.11.13
022Code of Ethics2013.11.13
026Fiscal Year2013.11.13
030Reserved (formerly Historic Districts)2013.11.13
035Licensing Board2013.11.13
041Planning Board2013.11.13
045Filing of Rules and Regulations2013.11.13
053Surety Limitations2013.11.13
056Adult Bookstores2013.11.13
058Alarms and Security2013.11.13
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